Partner Agreement

As a partner with Carl, Terri, and Lilly, I pledge:
  • I will support the ministry with prayer on a daily basis, interceding for the nightly services and for breakthrough in people's lives.
  • I will faithfully contribute to the support of the ministry with finances as the Lord directs.
  • I will intercede for Carl, Terri, and Lilly personally as the Lord directs.
And WE, as your partner and representative in ministry, pledge:
  • We will seek God faithfully and follow His directives.
  • We will maintain integrity.
  • We will maintain a good Christian reputation.
  • We will daily uplift you in prayer.
  • We will be fiscally responsible.
New Partner? Click-here to commit to partnering with Carl, Terri, & Lilly. Please include your name and mailing address in your e-mail.